Firefox 3.6.x Approaches End of Life

by Carol~ Moderator - 3/26/12 11:09 AM

The Mozilla Project has announced that, following more than two years of support, the 3.6.x branch of its open source Firefox web browser will reach its end of life on Tuesday 24 April. This means that, from that date onwards, no new updates, including security updates and critical fixes, will be released for Firefox 3.6.x. Mozilla Release Manager Alex Keybl says that "barring any major stability or security issues found over the next few weeks", version 3.6.28 from earlier this month will be the final 3.6.x release of Firefox.

Many 3.6 users have stayed on that version out of worries about Firefox's rapid release schedule. Mozilla has been addressing their concerns with the creation of the ESR branch of Firefox; the first ESR release arrived with Firefox 10 and should be fully qualified for enterprise use around the end of life of Firefox 3.6.

For Windows 2000 users who can't upgrade their PC to a later release of the OS, Firefox community coordinator Asa Dotzler recommends the Opera web browser, noting that, "Moving to Opera means you'll not only get continued security updates, but you'll also be able to enjoy a modern browser experience."

All Firefox 3.6.x users are strongly advised to upgrade to a newer version. The current stable release of Firefox is version 11 from 13 March, while the latest "enterprise" extended support release (ESR) (Firefox ESR) is version 10.0.3.

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