Invalid security certificate with Mozilla

by Bill Osler - 3/5/04 8:10 PM

I'm using Mozilla 1.4 on WinXP Pro. I know I should probably update to 1.6 but that is a separate question.
My bank re-tooled their Internet site a month ago, and they accidentally created a problem with the security certificate. The certificate was originally issued to but the current site has URL
After the site was retooled there was a problem with both IE and Mozilla rejecting the security certificate as invalid due to the URL mis-match. The certificate has since been corrected so that it matches the URL.
The problem is that I keep getting error messages about an invalid certificate. I was able to get rid of the errors from IE 6 by clearing the cache, the cookies and the history but I have not found a way to get rid of the message with Mozilla.
I have deleted the password, cleared the cache, cleared the cookies, set Mozilla to check for a new page each time I visit, cleared the browser history, deleted the bookmarks I used. No joy.
Each time I browse to the bank site I get a message that the URL of the site does not match the URL of the security certificate. More precisely, I get the message the first time I browse to the web site after starting Mozilla. I do not get the message again unless I close Mozilla down and go back to the site. As best I can tell the 'tech support' folks for the bank are nearly clueless about Mozilla. They do claim that the web site does currently work with Mozilla and they cannot account for the continued problem with the invalid certificate message.
Any suggestions for trying to completely clear all data about the old security certificate from Mozilla?