My hobby Win98SE computer

by Sycorax54 - 11/10/11 8:28 AM

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to get my old computer running again with Win98SE. This was my first computer and it has worked fine all along. But Win98 has long gone by the wayside and I thought it would be interesting to try and see if it can work again in today's technology.

So far, not much luck.

Recently, I came across this Forum and I wanted to put this Forum on my hobby Win 98SE computer on the desktop. (Henceforth, let me call this hobby computer the Win98SE computer).

I have done so. But now, I can't get it to let me log in. I am writing to you in this Forum via my laptop.

I am using NoScript 1.10 to block all scripting in web pages. But I Allowed the entire page for this Forum. It still will not let me log in.

I have to use NoScript 1.10 because this is Win98 after all (and I cannot use a more recent version) and because all this scripting was completely bogging down my Pentium II processor.

There are many things not working properly about this computer and I am told that most of the cause is because I have to use old browsers (like Firefox I have to use old stuff that still works with Win 98.

For instance, I can view my hotmail, but I cannot open it. I can see this Forum, but I can't log in.

I was inclined to think this was all browser related. Until I downloaded the VLC VideoLAN Client) Player version 0.8.6d. I had this player long ago when Win98 was on the forefront and it worked just fine then.

Now it doesn't play in-computer (like in-house) videos, let alone videos from the Internet. Maybe I have too recent a version and I need to download an even older version. Can anyone advise me about this?

Therefore, with my current old version of VLC not working (and especially if an even older version will not play anything, I am rethinking that all my problems might not be simply browser related after all.

Can anyone take a guess at what might be going wrong with trying to get my Win98SE computer up and running properly?

Is the Pentium ii processor on its last legs, maybe?

Thanks and I await any replies.