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Non-IT male asks: sites consolidation/merger? how far to go?

by ATP-1 - 5/22/13 4:23 AM

In a recent effort to solve a particular problem, it occurred to me that there might be room for a website which actually combines 'under the one roof' or 'on the one site' a number of the separate sites I examined.

I don't come from an IT background, & I would like to enquire from those more knowing, what would be required or what range of issues you would encounter to realise this idea?

For example, looking at it from a front end/back end dichotomy:

i) Would it be possible to merely create a front end that serves to consolidate the best of the respective sites?

ii) Would you be able to do this with the respective site owners' agreement? Or this is not necessary?

iii) Or is it that you need to create an entirely new site, from scratch, both front end & back end?