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Best hosting for mobile app administation

by cianBuckley - 9/16/12 4:47 PM


Im creating a iphone/android app for relatively big client. The website is going to contain a database where the mobile app will pull data from. There isnt going to be any actual web pages that a regular user will view, just the administration staff who will update content for the app.

Im looking for the best and most affordable option to me. The site wont be used for anything other than admin.

000webhosting came to mind considering its free, but with most free things, they are probably quite limited. Also the app wont be free, so i would rather spend a bit(not too much!) if it was to provide customers of the app a better experience.

The client is based in Spain, however he has quite a large fan base in Mexico so locality probably isnt a good way to narrow down the search.

I have very limited experience with hosting happy

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated