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Batch script to launch batch xml files from folder

by sinki111 - 6/21/13 9:00 AM

I have a req where we have set of batch xml files in C:\Today\set folder and I need to execute these xml files one by one automatically using batch script and if these files execute successfuly goes to success.log file if they are failed then will go to error.log file and scheduleBatch.cmd is inbuit utility file which executes these xml files.Please help me out how to design the code with this req.I really appreciate your help and Thanks in advance

set userid=joe
set pwd=jackson
SET "xml_dir=c:\today\set"
SET "hyp_server="
For %%z in ("%xml_dir%\*.xml") do (
call schedulebatch "%%z" %userid% %pwd% %hyp_server%
if errorlevel 1 >>"C:\Today\xml-error.log" echo "%%z" failed
if not erorlevel 0 >>"C:\Today\xml-pass.log" echo "%%z" succeeded