Google Regionalization

by edward360 - 11/23/12 2:34 PM

Google is great, but sometimes they need some feedback in order to tell what`s best and what`s not. Our website caters to travelers from all over the world, sales are almost 85% from the United States but since the company is based in the Dominican Republic, Google search has us on top in the DR when people search for Dominican Republic villas. Not so in the USA, which is our main target.

Who tells Google that we are to be top in a country of origin, when we`re not selling to that specific country not even 6%? it`s a real estate and villa rentals agency in the island. This proves that regionalization in the era of globalization is not the best unless they survey us to find out how we want to market our business ( unless they want to force us into buying their ad sense ads ).

I hope someone from Google reads this and act on it, since we need to have a fair game in terms of the Internet being global and accessible to everyone regardless of country.

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