Guys! Your help wanted!

by Tatsiana_Sh - 11/3/12 11:51 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Tatsiana.

I'm currently learning to prototype apps and I need your help as feedback. There is a link to my first app's prototype.

Some things there may not work, but, please, imagine them working properly. This is just a proto.

There are some questions I would like you to answer but if you don't want to do that please feel free to write any of your thoughts, feelings or impressions. I would be happy with any feedback you send me! Send it to or post here.


o Is Sleep Master comfortable to use?
o Is the app necessary for users?
o Can you perform all tasks quickly without pre-training?
o Is it easy for you to get an idea of an interaction (what was this interaction created for)?
o How well you feel with its design (i.e. colors, size of buttons, letters' type, etc.)?
o Is there any confusing buttons/screens in the app?
o Would you like to have Sleep Master on their phones?
o Are there some apps you would prefer to use instead of Sleep Master?
o Do you feel the need/will to perform more tasks than now?