Windows XP - SP3 "Bad_Pool_Caller" - STOP error 0xC2

by YXtanyaXY - 11/20/10 3:47 PM

I keep getting a "sorry" message (We're sorry, but the page you requested could not be found) when trying to access "forum preferences" (step 2) in the welcome message.

Dell PC (2007); Windows XP home SP3, up to date;
CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHz
Total Physical Memory - 2.00 GB (Available Physical Memory - 1.53 GB)

HD: (Seagate)
File System - NTFS
Size - 465.75 GB (500,096,991,232 bytes)
Free Space - 447.82 GB (480,848,134,144 bytes)

High-Speed Internet connection - Intel(R) 82562V 10/100

Yesterday: (11/19/10) BSOD
after rebooting.
"A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"
stop error (Bad_Pool_Caller)
Physical Memory dump...
I have all the hex addresses etc. It is a 0x00000C2 error which I read is likely a driver issue

This is the second similar type of error (the first was 10/25/10 and I did not write things down)

Relevant issues:
Had installed InstallFlashPlayer.exe, and updated avast! AV (The system is clean) in the AM (after creating a restore point) and rebooted with no problem.

Then used Firefox (3.6.12) and Thunderbird ( for quite a while, rebooted (after emptying browser caches ? Firefox and I.E), and error (blue screen) appeared.
It has not reoccurred.

I would like to debug the error and have looked at this article:
How to Debug "Stop 0xC2" or "Stop 0x000000C2" Error Messages

But don't feel knowledgeable enough to use:
E:\bin>i386kd -z K:\DOWNLOAD\memory.dmp
Loading Dump File [K:\DOWNLOAD\memory.dmp]
(or where to find it)
I would like to find out what driver is at fault (or what program)

Other relevant info:
Event Viewer:
Warning: 11/19/2010 12:45:43 PM; source Userenv
Category none; Warning event id 1517; User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM; computer; OMA-CD95D1A96E7

Warning 11/19/10 12:45:42 PM source: Userenv, Category none; Warning event id 1524; user: owner OMA-CD95D1A96E7\Owner; computer: OMA-CD95D1A96E7

an error and a warning re:my printer (I had stopped (canceled) a print job)