Welcome screen changed after Windows update?

by samurle - 8/3/10 5:31 PM


My Welcome screen for Windows XP changed recently, most likely after a Windows update, and I don't know how to fix it.

I have a single admin account with a password. This is the only account shown at the Welcome screen.

Previously, the Welcome screen automatically displayed the password prompt. There was no need to click on my account name.

Now, the Welcome screen doesn't display the password prompt. I have to click on my account name to
open it up, which is somewhat annoying.

Question is, how do I get my old Welcome screen back?

I've read that hidden accounts, like ASPNET, may be causing this problem, but I've had those accounts on my machine
for a long time, and never had this problem before.

I've looked at TweakUI.exe and "control userpasswords2", but I can't find a fix.

And deleting all hidden accounts or using system restore is not acceptable for me.
I really need to find the root of the problem.