Waiting for res://ieframe.dll dnserrordiagoff.htm -

by sstaarzz - 11/22/09 4:59 PM

I hope I am posting in the right place, if not please forgive the error. For the past few days I am unable to access the internet via wireless from my laptop, however I can access the internet via wired ethernet. WHen I try to access wireless I get the error message in the lower left hand corner of the browser waiting for res://ieframe.dll dnserrordiagoff.htm
The page looks like it tries to load and then it gives that message real quick and then goes to the white page that the page cannot be displayed. I had some big virus or malware issue and spent a few days to clean it up which I thought i did so maybe something corrputed a file that would let me access via wireless. It is not the wireless router as my other two laptops in the house connect without a problem. The little computer icon in the lower right says i am connected to my wireless connection and the blue wireless light is on, on the front of my laptop but just cannot access via wireless. I have an HP dv6105 Pavillion, running win xp sp 2 and ie7. Called up dlink (i am using the wbr2310 router and they could not help) and then i called hp but they couldnot help me either, other then telling me to reformat which i really do not want to do. Also, if i boot to safe mode with networking, i cannot access the internet wireless either, but i could access it via ethernet cable. I am also running avg 9, i have run trend micro house call, malware and malbbytes, no adaware, spybot, . My system seems to ccome up clean. I was going to run System file checker but I never have so i was unsure. Was also thinking of updating to sp3 but also not sure if that would help or not. I can run hijack this and post the log if that would help. One issue I would like to mention which I am not sure if it is important, but when i run ipconfig from the cmd prompt, I have two different IP addresses; one for ethernet and one for wireless. Could that mean anything? Thank you to all who may help or at least try happy