How to move a picture folder into the My Pictures folder

by hybucket1 - 9/8/09 1:01 PM

I have a large folder of pics on my desktop...I would like to move the entire folder (and subfolders) into the My Pictures folder (under My Docs) so that, when I use other applications like Firefox to insert pictures, it will show default to thumbnails of the pics, which it will not do with the Pictures folder on my desktop (I have gone into the tools on Explorer and checked the box to hold the previous setting, but it only works on IE, not Firefox). After reading some of the postings here, tho, someone mentioned that Windows sometimes does something with pics that are put into the My Pictures folder, so now I'm not sure whether I really want to do this (assuming there is a way). I did try just selecting "all" and dragging them into the My Pictures folder, but that didn't work.