VPN error: IPX/SPX or compatible CP reported error 733

by Sidious_ - 12/8/06 11:48 AM

My mission: I'm one of those who is very fond of old games, and for that reason I'm trying to make network play possible(this particular old game is "Blood", heard of it?).
Anyway, old games were run through the IPX protocol, and this is where I get some difficulties.

I have set up my router for pptp passthrough, opened the required ports, and created a vpn-server on my machine using windows XP(SP2). I have also set up a vpn-client using Windows XP, and when i try to connect, i CAN get connected if i want to, and everything seems to work. However, upon connection, I get an error:

"TPC/IP CP connected successfully. IPX/SPX or compatible CP reported error 733: A connection to the remote computer could not be completed."

In other words, it seems that I can't get the IPX/SPX protocol to work through my VPN PPTP connection.
How to fix this? anyone?