My computer also hangs at ''windows is shutting down''

by craigfis - 5/29/06 12:21 AM

I read the previous response with great interest, although my circumstances are different. I recently had my hard drive replaced, my memory increased, and felt happy with my HP 553 desktop computer/Windows XP home edition/Office 2003 Professional system.

Whatever problems I had previously experienced were gone until I downloaded the AOL CD for my ISP. I use Verizon/AOL for DSL but didn't have any problems until I installed the AOL virus protections. I can't restart, or powerdown my computer without holding the power off switch, once the screen gets to ''Windows is shutting down''. AOL didn't solve the problem, directing me to change my hardware acceleration, which did not help. Does anyone have a solution to this problem with AOL? I am new to computer lingo/technical solutions, so please be gentle with me. Hope