XP stuck on windows xp splash screen on start up

by Adam attewell - 1/31/06 4:27 PM

Hi all I started up my system today and on the windows splash screen (the page on start up that shoes the WINXP logo and the blue scrolling bar below) The blue scrolling bar was stuck in one place and stayed there for a good 2 hours so I restarted and was greeted by the infamous Disk boot failure, Insert a system disk and press enter. So I turned off my system and took the side of the case of and disconnected the SATA cable from the hard drive and then the power cable from the hard drive as well, connected them back up powered the system back up and I am now back on the windows splash screen. With the scrolling blue bar below the WINXP logo stopping and starting randomly now and again. I am going to leave it for 2 hours see if it recovers its self, anyone got any ideas if this does not work what to do? I have my windows XP disk and serial number so I guess its fresh install? Still what could have caused this as its happened twice now!!!! Could it be the SATA drivers I have all the driver installed by a shop do I need to install SATA driver for the HD or not could the drive be faulty? All help thanked as always thanks Adam

Here are my specs:

AMD A64 3800+
512mb kingston DDR 3200
512mb kingston DDR 3200
NVIDIA GeForce SLI 6600 GT PCIe 256MB (X2) (SLI enabled)
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Nforce4 PCiEx
Serial ATA 300 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor 16MB Cache
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2

Thanks again for all help any info needed just ask