HTC Dash (from T Mobile) Alarm problems

by jw639090 - 11/4/10 7:32 AM

The HTC Dash from T Mobile has problems with the alarm feature. If you set the alarm clock, pretty much the only way to turn off the alarm quickly is to remove the battery. If you want to be patient, and listen to loud blasting ringtones like me (I had the volume up on 4 or something,) then be my guest. You'll eventually get the alarms turned off. My advice: Don't set the alarm AT ALL if you have bought the phone new and it hasn't been set. Also, in ring style settings (vibrate, silent, loud, etc), set all alarm profiles to vibrate, and turn the SOUND OFF. That's the best recomendation I have. If you want an alarm, you could just create calendar events to wake you up. Hope this helps.