Help! My 13th Palm Treo 700p is going down !

by FLSTCKT - 6/28/10 5:39 PM

Once I find something that I like I stick with it. The 700p was a good follow up to the Palm Pilot(after my Sharp Wizard)and the only choice, except for one Handspring, for using car buying software. I am no longer a car dealer but I AM hooked on my Palm. My dilemma appears to be years of past & current information in Outlook which I sync almost daily and it is over loading 700p #13...
It is time to look at a Droid or something.
I am fairly tech savvy but, have an aging desk top running 2000 and a Laptop running XP on its' last legs.., like to buy all new, just can't.
I want to get my email, surf the web, have more than one site open at a time...don't care about music (Have a Zen W that I love for that!)& do not need to update my friends about my bathroom habits.

I do type faster with my thumbs than I ever did in school with all my fingers and, require Blue tooth that can work with a Prius (2006).
Is there a phone that I will be in love with?
This may help:
Things about the 700p that I have always hated:
Why are the buttons hard and convex, I do not have pin point fingernails.
Why do you have to search for a name/number in contacts, & then leave the contact in order to dial the contact? Dahhhh???
Why can't I save a web site that I am on to (a) contacts?
Thank you in advance for your input!