Downloads with bloatware

by PeterSJC - 5/2/13 9:17 PM

After downloading the latest Ubuntu, I saw a suggestion that I download an ap for burning the image file onto a DVD. I clicked it and was taken to CNET Download. When I clicked to download the utility, there was a message that I should click "Accept" to download the utility that I wanted. At first I did not see the rest of that message, that I would also be downloading some other program. I clicked Accept and saw another chance to download something else I didn't want. About this time I decided to cancel everything. I went to your site again and this time clicked "Decline" and was surprised to be taken to another bloatware opportunity. I declined four times before getting to the download I wanted.

Now I have a message that Searchqu Toolbar has blocked an attempt to ad a new toolbar to my browser. So, apparently, canceling out of the first download did not prevent the unwanted program.

I am disappointed in CNET. Forcing users to opt out shows a disrespect of them, made worse by the misleading message. I would not mind some check boxes (checked by default), showing, on one page, all the programs that I can decide whether I want. Instead, you make it difficult to avoid falling into the trap of downloading them. CNET, please desist!