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Looking for advice: Email / Personal Organizer Integration

by grocha0910 - 2/18/13 4:48 PM

Hey Everyone, I'm looking for some solutions to integrate all my devices.

What started this project, is wanting to update my pen and paper planner to a digital one (pen and paper takes too much time to keep up to date).

If you could offer some advice for a good Digital Organizer and also Email Solutions that are integrated. MUCH APPRECIATED!

What I Currently Use

Windows 7- Samsung Laptop
iPhone 4
iPad 4
Franklin Covey Planner (the old school kind)
Gmail (for personal acct)
Outlook (for work- a military account)


--Devices are all great.
--The Franklin Covey System (Task Prioritizing, Day and month view, 7 habits, etc)
--Gmail interface and syncing with all my devices


--I can't figure out how to make Gmail and Outlook talk to each other (may have something to do with security settings at work).
--Want to upgrade from pen and paper to digital organizer
--Most organizers require internet connection. No wi-fi at work and want to use iPad. (I'm considering tethering to iPhone which has unlimited data plan. Or just find an organizer that works on and offline but still syncs everything )

What I'm Considering Adding

--Digital Planners - I include these so everyone knows the general direction I'm thinking about heading.

The Franklin Company Digital Planner (Plan Plus Online. bad reviews online unfortunately. Any one have personal experience with this?)

Any Time Organizer (best reviews I can find just no experience or prior knowledge of this company)

Sandglaz (a google chrome app / online based task manager. But no good email interface)

A bunch of others like sandglaz at chrome app page

All in one email?? - Not sure where to go with this one

--Tethering capability for iPad, but trying to not go with expensive monthly plan.

Thank you all in advance for your advice, and for reading through lengthy question.