A problem of Making a Multimedia program

by reihane-t - 9/6/10 1:07 AM

I would like to make a training programme for asp.net. After an initial investigation, I reached a conclusion that if the programme was to be made professional, sound (voice) would have to be recorded separately to the video. At the end, with the help of software (by syncing together) all the delays during playing were eliminated but there was a fundamental problem in that when sound was mixed with video, the quality of the file was reduced.

For editing sound and video, EDIUS5 software was used and for recording we used Camtasia Studio 6. We tried various formats but to resolve the quality problem, the video files were saved in hd/hdv format using EDIUS 5 software.

The last result, during the showing of the video, the picture would not cover the whole of the screen and there were problems with the edges (showed black).
The size of the created files were very large and this has made it very difficult to upload it.

Could you please offer any suggestions as to how to remedy this problem.