2 problems with WinTV-PVR-USB2. Can't get all cable channels

by sfjoyboy - 8/21/05 6:58 AM

Hi guys,

I just got a new pc and installed this software yesterday and I'm havinng two problems. The first is that, after connecting my cable directly (bypassing the box) and auto scanning the channels (it found about 80 in the 125 channel scan), I couldn't find out how to add other channels like the National Geographic channel, which is 273 on my cable box. Is there a way to add channels that don't fall within 1-125? My friend says I could put the cable box inline but then I would have to change the channels using the cable box remote which would not allow me to schedule multiple recordings on multiple channels using the scheduler since it would just record whatever channel the cable box was set to.

The second problem is with 4-channel sound. My pc is set up to play audio thru my pc speakers and my home stereo speakers. Everything works fine, internet radio, DVD's CD's but when watching TV I can only get 2-channel sound. Is there a way to configure WinTV to 4-channel audio?

I know some of you use this program so I'm hoping you'll be able to help.

Thanks in advance,