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Video software help required

by drwalt131313 - 3/6/12 10:50 AM

My name is Dr. Walt and I am the Founder/President of a Public Charity (The Happiness Foundation - and we are seeking to bring the production of our Public Service Announcements (PSA's) in-house (20 second to 2 minute videos) .

1) We have been PC based for about 20-years. Does this warrant moving to Apple? Our gut-feel is try the PC video/still software and see if it produces the 'broadcast quality' we seek. If not, then switch to Apple.

2) What are the desktop computer specs that we will require for your suggested software.

2) We want to produce only 'broadcast quality' videos (not YouTube videos).

3) If we stay PC based, what software do you suggest we use?

4) If we go to Apple, what software do you suggest?

We plan on combining still photo's with video clips shot with a Sony Vixia30 HD is not shoulder mounted.

Since we are a Public Charity where do you suggest we either get pro-bono equipment or a great discount.

'Thank you' in advance for your time and help!

Best Personal Regards,
Dr. Walt, Ph.D.
Behavioral Scientist, Psychologist and Author