Microsoft Publisher 2003

by clive2009 - 2/8/09 9:16 PM

Good evening

I use Microsoft Publisher 2003 quite regularly for creating webpages, but so far have never been able to get the system to function the way I want in reference to linking to other webpages in a new window.

I've used the inline help facility that says to create an HTML fragment using the javascipt function code and then where you want to create a hyperlink paste the supplied code into the hyperlink and replace the default URL with the one that you actually want to use. That works fine but the hyperlink doesn't work - it doesn't do anything at all. The browser recognizes the fact its a hyperlink as the cursor changes when you place it on the link but clicking on it does nothing - literally.

Any advice at all?

I use Windows XP home edition for your info.

Kind regards