avs capture wizard to capture?

by chat51 - 6/29/06 3:12 PM

i have a 6 monthe old t6524 emachine with amdathion 64 processor 3500+ 151 gb memory windows xp
video atp radeon xpress 200 pci express 1i use a plextor av 100u hook up to rca cables the brass kind [best that i know of ] along with a s cable hooked to a samsung dvd/vcr player recorder with the other end of the scable and rca cables ! nero 6 works ulead works ,InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 which i am currenting useing and it also captures from susang
vcr/dvd player /recorder and burn dvds very good!
but i can not get this avs capture wizard to reconise my capture device ? i used several different capture devices you hook up to vcr to device and all work on other programs but not this one?

the old avs captrure 3 years ago worked but eversince i downloaded the upgrade to avs video tools 5.2 i can't get this to work? all other things of this software work but not the capture device?????
they wont awnser my emails anymore? i uninstalled these programs 5 times and reinstalled them per there instructions and nothing works to get the capture !
does anyone know how to solve this problem??