Maven - Atom Films Hi-Def Client

by chrisw63 - 1/14/04 8:24 PM

I recently downloaded this client and tried it out. I was not overwhelmed by the quality of the material, but I was really turned off when I realized what a security problem this program is.

You download the client and install it - it is native executable code, not Java or any other script. There is no option to disable startup when the computer boots (there are no options at all!). There is no way to shut the 'service' down except using Task Manager - there are three files in the program directory whose names would lead to you believe they shut the service down, but they are all zero length files.

But the worst problem is, even after you do get it shut down, a WEB PAGE can start it up again!! And give it commands!!! This may be sloppy programming - at best it is insecure and invasive. But taken all together it seems to be unsafe by design (why the truncated 'shutdown' files and no 'exit' option from the system tray icon???). I don't have the resources to see what data Maven actually sends/receives, so I searched the web for more information and found nothing. The potential for abuse is too much for anyone concerned about privacy or security.

If anyone has more information on Maven, I'd like to see it.