UPDATES - May 15, 2014

by Carol~ Moderator - 5/15/14 5:00 PM

NoScript v released

What's New:

+ Synthetic load events are sent and error events are suppressed for
blocked script elements, in order to work around strict script
inclusion enforcers. This feature is triggered by default only by
Require.js module imports, but can be fully configured by
noscript.fakeScriptLoadEvents.* about:config preferences:
* .enabled: switches this feature on/off
* .onlyRequireJS: if true (default) applies the feature only to script
inclusions initiated by Require.js
* .exceptions: AddressMatcher pattern matching the source URLs of
script elements which should not cause fake load events when blocked
* .docExceptions: AddressMatcher pattern matching the URLs of documents
where no fake load event must be raised
x Improved toStaticHTML() implementation (thanks .mario for reporting)
x Removed useless ICC profiles from some icons (thanks taffit for RFE)
x [Surrogate] Improved google-analytics.com (ga) surrogate
x [XSS] Fixed characters redundancy reduction bug (thanks Masato Kinugawa
for reporting)
x [XSS] Fixed typo in the new regular expression literals stripping
routine implementation (thanks Masato Kinugawa for reporting)
x [XSS] Fixed subtle bug in regular expression literals stripping
optimization, potentially causing false negatives in edge cases (thanks
Masato Kinugawa for reporting)
x Work-around for Firefox bug causing popup.hidePopup() to fail sometimes
and NoScript's on-hover menu needing a click to be closed

[x] bug fix
[+] new feature


FAQ: http://noscript.net/faq