Remove FBI-ransomeware infections

by Willy - 10/8/13 7:56 AM

I tried my old ways and trusted tools but these couldn't or wouldn't get full install or allow to proceed. They did find some baddies but overall they failed to attack the FBI type virus found in the MBR. While i did try for whatever reason i always came back to square 1. Maybe, my tools were too old or the FBI just is that type that really defends itself more aggressively but here is what i did.

1) used the hit F8-> safe mode w/networking then use whatever AV tools:

a) Avast
b) Linux based rescue discs(Hiren's, BootMED, UBCD, Trinity and other AV)
c) Avira

2) Gmer MBR scanner and Hitman Pro booting flashdrive(kickstart)

The #2 method wasn't immediately available and other flashdrive attempts didn't always succeed.

Since, the HD was infected at MBR level, I had to remove it from PC. Then mount in ext. adapter setup and mount a replacement HD as drive "C" with basic windows loaded(installed). Once done, install windows based full AV installs and then allow to scan externally attached infected drive. This took over 24hrs. since large HD and USB connection. Infections found and corrected. 2nd pass took only 10hrs. and was clean. The following day, the #2 method was applied to assure 100% cleaning and OK. Return PC back and release from repair.

WHY? - This was all done in order to save the data on HD. There was always the chance it would get hosed regardless and full OS install, etc., would have to follow. Since time was available, long time scans did resolve the problem and complete corrections done. My normal AV failures would have immediate action of a reformat and OS install, etc.. May this help the next person.

tada -----Willy happy