How I removed virus from FireFox

by SoJushelpin - 2/22/13 1:07 AM

First off i just want to say i am a total newbie in removing viruses or anything of the sort. I'm just a dude trying help. These are the steps i did to remove the virus

Follow the steps

1. open Firefox and click on the Firefox tab

2. Click the Add-ons button

3. If you remember the date you got the virus this will help out a lot. If not its best to just skip this part and go to step 7
a: Click the tools button for the add on
b: click "View Recent Updates"

4. Click on "More" on ANY of your recent updates. In this step you are checking to see the date the add on was last updated. What I click on is just an EXAMPLE.

5. Check to see if the last updated matches the date you downloaded the virus.

6. Click the disable button

7. Click Extensions and go find the Add-on you just disable. Again the pic I am using is just an EXAMPLE. the virus will hide in one of your Add-ons. You will have to find it yourself.
a: If you skip here from step 3, I recommend that you disable everything and one by one try to figure out where the virus is hiding. Renable one by one and restart Firefox

8. Once you know where the culprit is Click REMOVE. once you have done this close Firefox and reopen. it should be gone and when you open a new tab it should just display your recent websites.

now that you removed it follow this link and download these programs. this step is to removed anything the virus left behind

I Hope this helps. Good Luck happy