Resolved question

Not sure what the problem is

by raduzhok - 10/6/12 11:08 AM

I'm using an eMachines, Vista OS. IE8 is my browser.

Some background info on this situation:

Quite some time ago, I ran into a problem being unable to download programs, and files in this user acct. I was directed to open a new user acct, and I switched to Firefox, to download programs (both accts are admin accts, so when I d/l on one acct, it also shows up on the other acct. A year ago, when I got an updated modem from my ISP, they helped me to be able to d/l on the original acct.

I noticed that I've made several attempts to d/l a game from a site I'm a member of, and the d/l doesn't go through, and doesn't show up 'saved' in my downloads folder.

The current problem I need help with:

I switched over to the alternate user acct I'd used before this problem was fixed, to see if I was able to download from there. I noticed, first of all, that my 'home page' was not the original homepage I used there. It was a 'blank' and I typed in the original home page, and it came up. But then I wanted to go to the site to try to download the game on that account, but was brought to a 'microsoft' exchange site. I tried to navigate to the site I wanted to, from this Microsoft page, but it kept bringing me back to that one page, no matter what I tried to access, either by typing in the URL, or clicking on a link, I was unable to leave that page.

Can someone advise me to the problem with this please?