MS's new account security regime=IT morons rule

by ATP-1 - 7/24/12 6:24 PM

I have had the indignity of suffering MS's new security regime for my long-term email account.

It is living proof that MS is ruled by absolute IT morons. It is designed to dictate & frustrate beyond belief. Important changes like deletion--which it provides for--simply does not work. So in the end, you get caught in this completely mindf---king, supremely time wasting endless loop.

But the secret here is that it is not designed to be "improved" but early in the procedure down the bottom of the screen, it asks if you want to delete the account. THIS IS MS's REAL INTENTION.

I never liked MS's hotmail design--now they have finally decided to improve (some of) it for the better, but also introduce "improvements" which are, typically, worse than the predecessor.

Here's a message to all you clowns at Redmond--like Vista, this new hotmail security system is an epic FAIL.
Go back & stick it up Ballmer's rear end. I can't access my hotmail account now.

You have had your day in the sun MS, now the sun is setting. God help us that IT morons think that they should rule the world.