Websense - Southern California Wildfire Scams

by Marianna Schmudlach - 10/25/07 10:28 PM

Oct 25 2007

As I am sure most of you have heard by now San Diego and some surrounding Los Angeles areas are suffering from devastating fires. Since our head quarters is in San Diego we have certainly been affected by the fires and several employees were evacuated and some have lost homes.

One very amazing thing has been the outpouring of support both locally within the communities, state-wide, and internationally. We have received several offers for people to house folks who have had to relocate and several others offers for help.

Unfortunately, as we saw with Katrina and several other emergencies, there are also criminals who attempt to take advantage of the supporters who are willing to help.

Please make sure you are dealing with legitimate organizations and, if possible, contact them on your own. Be very careful of people reporting to be agencies such as the Red Cross asking for donations or requesting you to visit their websites. They may be fraudulent or hosting malicious code designed to steal information such as banking details. For example, many suspicious eBay auctions have appeared requesting donations.

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