SPAM - From Russia with exploited websites?

by Marianna Schmudlach - 10/25/07 6:51 PM

25 October 2007

Just like millions of other men and women worldwide I keep seeing letters that appear to come from some lonely Russian girls. The amount of spam of this nature have seemed to increase significantly in the last few days.

Hello happy I'm unmarried girl from Russia and look for contacts. My name is Endgel and I'm 31 y.o.

See my image at my home page. Need you! wink
I realize that Endgel couldnt possibly know that I am already married to a Russian girl Im also not going to question her spelling, even though Endgel is hardly a good name for a lady. But I do not appreciate the fact that Endgels home page is hidden behind a number of compromised web servers around the world. So, I decided to take a closer look at what is behind the scenes.

The link in the e-mail took me to a site owned by some manufacturing representatives for military and commercial electronics. Only this time it was owned by Endgels representatives, who planted a new page there that redirects you to a dating site: