Tsarnaev Brothers In Triple Murder, Slashed Throats, Earlier

by James Denison - 5/10/13 1:49 PM

Three men with slashed throats, one the former roommate of Tamerlan.

"The whole story ties back to a theory that was offered up by BuzzFeed shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing back in April. In 2011, Brandon Mess,
a friend and former roommate of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was murdered along
with two other men in Mess's apartment in Waltham, Mass., one town over
from Watertown, where Dzhokhar was captured, and two towns over from
Cambridge, where the Tsarnaevs most recently lived. The bizarre crime
appeared to be drug-related and highly personal, as all three victims
had their throats slashed, and whoever did left their bodies covered in 7
pounds of marijuana and $5,000 of cash behind. The crime was never

Allah Akbar! (not)