I watched this video which concerns Govt waste....

by Tony Holmes - 3/23/13 7:45 AM

and as a result,I'm at a loss for words.If you want to define "Abject Stupidity" please watch the video.

It was actually produced as an IRS training video in 2010 but it's existence just recently surfaced.Is anyone else just a little bit peeved that $60K of our tax $ got wasted on this garbage??


Please watch as IRS agents(who roam the galaxy to seek out new tax laws) in the Starship Enterprise Y approach the alien planet "Notax" where identity theft runs rampant.!!!! Whether you choose to laugh or cry after watching it is up to you happy

Please note: there is a link to the video at the bottom of the article.You will be asked if you want to run or save the video.I downloaded it and scanned it with Kaspersky and it's clean!

This is why I want to abolish the IRS and institute a fair tax.