Couldn't resist this,since it incorporates my son's earliest

by Ziks511 - 1/31/13 10:11 AM

independent comedic discovery. He was 5 (but he could read, for which no-one but he gets credit), and gave to me a life-long delight in Calvin and Hobbes.

"Aha. In his latest op-ed, John Taylor comes out as a full-fledged monetary Calvinist. No, not a disciple of John Calvin, the preacher — a disciple of Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.

"Way back when, Mike Konczal felicitously made that analogy to discuss the people who were calling for a rise in interest rates despite high unemployment and low inflation...." "For those who don't read the classics, Calvinball is a sport in which you change the rules whenever you feel like it, very much including in the middle of games."

I wish I knew Paul Krugman. He sounds like my kind of person.

For the Mike Konczal post that gave rise to this: