May God wrap His arms around her.

by James Denison - 10/28/10 12:32 PM

This child already suffered so much in life and may now be dead, by foul means.

Authorities in North Carolina said today they have found a prosthetic leg that they believe belonged to Zahra Clare Baker, the 10-year-old disabled girl who is missing and feared slain.

Authorities are trying to match the serial number on the leg to hospital records to see if it is a match to the one that was fitted for the hearing-impaired girl, who lost her leg to bone cancer.

During the investigation, specially trained dogs detected the scent of human remains on property belonging to Baker and Zahra's stepmother, Elisa Baker. Dogs also detected similar scents during a recent search of property that reportedly belongs to a tree services company that employed Zahra's father for about the past six months...(more in article)