Stickies . . .

by Coryphaeus - 8/29/10 12:12 PM

With the help from some friends, answers to questions we all ask.

Q - What is a "sticky"?
A - An annoying thread that never goes away.

Q - Where can I find a sticky
A - In forums across the internet

Q - Where can I find the most stickies?
A - At CNET, especially Speakeasy.

Q - Why use a sticky?
A - Moderators love them

Q - Can I get a sticky with my name on it?
A - Your chances are dramatically improving.

Q - How many stickies are necessary to make a point?
A - It depends on how many ways we can make the point

Q - What do you call a locked thread?
A - The Last Word

Q - What do you call a locked sticky?
A - The Absolute Last Word

Q - Can many stickies be consolidated into one?
A - Does not compute.

Q - Why is a sticky always at the top of threads?
A - If at the bottom it would be a droppy.

Q - What are multiple stickies called?
A - A traffic jam

Q - Where do stickies come from?
A - Only the nose knows

Q - What are 3 stickies called?
A - Mnage--trois

Q - Can I love a sticky?
A - Yes, if you have a dicky

Q - Which is the primary sticky?
A - It's above the secondary sticky

Q - What is a tricky sticky?
A - One that appears for awhile, disappears, then reappears.

Q - Who invented stickies?
A - Al Gore, immediately after the internet.

Q - Is there a shortage of stickies?
A - Only after the first page

Q - Do stickies encourage forum participation?
A - We get a lot of comments on them regularly.

Q - Do stickies ever die?
A - There have been rumors, but unconfirmed.

Q - What is a cannibal sticky?
A - An extremely rare sticky which eats the others

Q - Why do some stickies contradict other stickies?
A - It's Catch 22 to you.

Q - How can I avoid stickies?
A - Stay off forums or scroll really fast

Q - How many stickies are necessary to make a point?
A - It depends on how many moderators want to make the point

Q - What does it mean when all moderators have a sticky in a forum?
A - They are having a contest.

Q - What if only one moderator makes a lot of stickys?
A - He's been feeling ignored and unloved.

Q - Why can't all sticky post be placed into one sticky thread?
A - Eeew! That's disgusting.

Q - What does a sticky and a booger have in common?
A - Only the nose knows