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Help!! Microsoft Word "Ignore All" not working correctly.

by GeekGirlInFurs - 3/11/13 9:56 PM

Hi. I am using Office Word 2007 under Windows 7.

I am finding that the "Ignore" and the "Ignore All" functions are not working as they used to.

Previously, if you used one of those options on a word that is flagged as misspelled, then either that single instance of the word would no longer be flagged (the "Ignore" option), or ALL instances of the word in that document would no longer be flagged (the "Ignore All" option.) Additionally, these choices would stick even after the doc had been closed and reopened.

That had been my experience for years starting with Word 97 and up through every version INCLUDING the Word 2007 that I'm currently using.

This is no longer working. Words that I have set to be ignored, using EITHER the Ignore or Ignore All options will revert back to being flagged, sometimes as soon as I type elsewhere in the doc, or after some indeterminate period of time after.

These are all standard Word docx files, nothing fancy. Nor are they long -- it happens regardless of the doc length.

I have searched for information on this but haven't found anything helpful, mostly just descriptions of how the feature is supposed to work.

Does anyone know why this would be? I DO realize this is not the latest version of word, and so I can't rule out the possibility that something has changed (eg in Windows) that prevents it from working correctly. BUT that does seem rather unlikely.

I'm hoping for a solution as this is EXTREMELY frustrating, as the only workaround I've found is to *add* these words to my custom dictionary file, which I would rather not do for any number of reasons, including that I some of the words I want to ignore are being irregularly spelled intentionally for THAT document only, so adding them to the would be undesirable.

Anyone? Please??

Thank you!!!