by DIMOJABE - 1/12/13 6:06 AM

I am an intermediate Quickbooks end-user (5 years w/training) with a lengthy back ground working with programmers developing the end-user interfaces for in-house and cloud software (10 years).

Is anyone else out there wondering what is going on at Intuit with it's latest version of QuickBooks Pro 2013?

I just upgraded from 2007 (ok but maybe not secure enough?) to 2013. Mostly, I wanted to be able to delete old company records that were corrupted and improve my security. I am in shock.

The screen icon bar is black with miniscule label font, the pop-up calendar numbering is illegible with single digits that begin with zero "01, 02, 03...," the home screen is now over-sized to the point that scroll bars are required to access the icons around the sides (you can't see it!), new vertical tool bars can't be minimized or removed, simple bill data entry has been turned into a "check" picture format with key fields missing, the program freezes when creating an account description, existing companies can be renamed in the program - but not deleted or removed entirely... and that's just the beginning - I haven't done much with it yet.

This is a beta level upgrade that Intuit is selling for $200.00. I gave them 2 weeks to restore the software to it's original quality, or please give me my money back. I don't need much and Office Credenza is $25.00 per month.