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Can anyone recommend something they have used?

by CIT-IT - 5/3/12 5:21 PM

I am reaching out again to my wonderful cnet community who hasn't let me down yet with all my queries! I have recieved a request at my job to replace and upgrade an entire system for HUD Housing Dept. here on the reservation. Well actually that department has a separate Maintenance warehouse where all the materials,tools and hardware for property maintenance and rehabs. The new computer will be for the office of the Warehouse inventory Manager who presently does everything the old fashioned, inefficient way. By hand count and memory and paper reports that do not match up with accounting budgets. I was considering some type of POS system to keep track of all the inventory coming in and leaving the warehouse using a barcode reader since they only use 3 vendors. But most of the sftware out there is way more then what is needed here, ther are no sales of the merchandise and a POS system is designed specifically for that. What we need here is a barcode reader to accurately count and report what is ordered, stored in inventory, and removed from that inventory, andmust be simple and user friendly because even Quickbooks would be to complicated to this individual and they are not going to replace him anytime soon. I'm sure with all the different types of warehousing outfits out there, that there is a perfect sytem for what we need. I'm going to keep researching but I figured maybe someone in my cnet community has used or knows of a system which they perhaps even have had experience with, that they could suggest. I have a feeling, you people won't let me down! You never have yet! Hope to hear back Thanks.