Electronic or Digital signature help

by southernclay - 8/21/10 11:22 AM

I have a small real estate team and trying to waste less paper and work more efficient. Two things:

1. My brother or I need to sign documents (ususally .pdf) Right now we get the e fax, print it, sign it, re scan it, send it to our clients (out of state banks) Then they send back to us. We then have to print it again to turn into office. Huge waste! Most of these are 20-30 pg docs. We are looking for an efficient and affordable way to sign on two computers or more.

2. There can sometimes be a page we would like to remove from the document that is unneeded in the transaction but would have our clients contact info that we don't want released. Is there a way to remove a page from .pdf or to black out certain info?

Thanks for your help and any other ideas that have helped you!