Resolved question

Unknown computers under the shared area of finder

by mmblarg - 5/6/13 9:31 PM

There are 2 unknown computers under the shared area of my finder window. I am on my own secured wifi network at home. My husband has a computer with no sharing options on, we have a playstation 3 and a smart phone that both log onto the same secure network and neither one has ever shown up on my computer before. all of my sharing options are off including itunes and my computer is running on stealth mode with it's firewall up ( i know this only keeps my computer from being seen by others) we've changed out wifi password and still those computers are there. changing the password didn't prompt my computer for the new password either though. also when I turn my airport off, those computers remain in the shared area. when i click on them they say connection failed and show no information.

any ideas? i'm not so much paranoid as curious. I know computers with sharing options on will show up on your mac when you are on a public network but i've never had this happen while i was at home...