Resolved question

applescript issue

by mikepppy - 3/20/13 3:25 PM

hi, i am trying to automate some website clicks in safari with automator.

sometimes because of loading times, slow internet, it gets an error in the script. i need it to continue past the error, instead of throwing up a dialogue box.

so, i use watch me do to record the correct sequence, then drag it from watch me do, into an applescript.

i then wrap it in a "try", to stop the error messages.

success!! works perfectly

but, then i tried it with another and i get an error.

what is strange is, the watch me do works flawlessly, but when i drag it into an applescript, it stops working, and says that it is unable to click a particular button. and this is before i modify anything, the exact same script, dragged and unchanged, stops working

anyone know why ?