Resolved question

Network processes can be restarted? Airport doesnt work

by jasmin-noir - 1/24/13 5:13 AM

Hi, i had my macbook restart without warning and when back, the date was January 1st, 2006!
It asked me to allow some processes to run, and i denied them, being afraid that someone was trying to break into my computer!

Now the airport sign has an exclamation mark and as soon as I connect to wifi, it stays on for 2 secs and then exclamation mark.
Network Diagnostics, shows green for airport and airport settings, yellow for network settings and red for ISP , internet and server.
I have 3 other laptops that work fine on this network .

I think the key to the puzzle is the process i inadvertedly disabled, but in Activity Monitor there is no RESTART button for the inactive processes, hence no joy for me.

Please help, i need my internet back!
Lots of grattitude!