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Password Reset or Reinstall OS X??? [HELP LOST!]

by n1nj4Lo - 1/15/13 10:19 PM

Okay so here's the run down of the dilly!!!

I've been working at a pawn shop here recently and we got a macbook pro with mountain lion installed... The pawnee(?) never came back to redeem their pawned item so it's ours now to sell. Well my boss got this in before I started working there and he never asked the person for their username/apple-id and password. He's tried getting ahold of them, but their phone number is no longer in service.

So how can we either factory restore everything, it askes us to logon with the apple-id after a few steps from cmd(Or opt?) r, we registered his store e-mail with itunes and apple-id but it still asked us to sign in with the previous owners login. If I had a mountain lion disc could I just install it right away from cmd(Or opt?) b(I think it is?) I know we tried with snow leopard and it gave us that monochrome gray, black and white error screen, why is that?

But how can we get around this? So my boss can put it out on the stores shelves up for sale...

I'm trying to get the job done, help him and learn something new!