Make invisible files visible in a specific folder.

by Steve BC - 10/8/09 3:55 PM

I have looked everywhere for advice or a utility app that would help me make the invisible files in a specific folder in Mac OS X Leopard (or Snow) visible on a permanent basis. I do not want to make all invisible files on my hard drive visible with a general flipping of the "Invisible" bit on all invisible files everywhere. I want to designate a *specific* folder, call it My Website Files, and permanently make all files inside that folder and any of its subfolders visible.

I have a copy of my website files in such a folder on my hard drive (downloaded from my remote web server), and I want to see all the files, including the visible and invisible files, in my Finder window. This would make it infinitely easier to see what's there simply by using the Finder, and then I could open and edit any file. I do *not* want to see invisible files anywhere else on my Finder. Only in this folder and its subfolders.

Does anyone know how to get the Finder to do this, perhaps with a Terminal command, or know of a utility that works well and will easily do this? Remember, I want the selection for the folder and its contents changed permanently, without altering anything outside the folder.

And I would like to know how to reverse the process at a later date, if and when I choose to go back to hiding the invisible stuff in that folder.