Chkdsk run every time I startup Windows Vista under Bootcamp

by tsanchai - 9/7/09 6:10 AM

I have Windows Vista 32 bits installed on bootcamp partition and it work fine in 10.5.

Now I have upgrade my MBP (early 2008) to Snow Leopard, and upgrade WIndows Bootcamp drivers to version 3.0 from Snow Leopard DVD. Both installation were completed and run fine.

The problem I have now is: Whenever I used Mac OS, shut down, then restart the WIndows Vista by pressing Option key at Macbook Pro startup, Chkdsk will run evry time, checking integrity of the Windows boot partition. I have to wait for more than 20 minutes before Chkdsk fix all errors, then reboot, and press Options key to get back into WIndows Vista without Chkdsk running.

When I shut down Windows, and restart without goinb into Snow Leoprad, the boot process go OK without Chkdsk running.

But whenever I shut fown Winodws and use Snow Leopard, then get back in to startup Windows, Chdsk run again. This is very annoyingm, and never occured in 10.5

During Chkdsk session, the following errors occured and being fixed:

Deleting index entry ._501 in index $I30 of file 9028
Deleting index entry 501 in index $I30 of file 9028

and after all process finished, Chkdsk stated that: There is a blank space that allocated as used, and has been fixed.

Can any friend advise me what cause this problem? and How to correct it?

I understanfd that the ._501 is in .Trashes folder on Windows partiton. It must be altered wwhen I use Snow Leopard, and must have to do with Trash in Mac OSX 10.6.

Can any friend advise me how to solve this problem?

The problem is repeatable. The same index and file to be deleted by Chkdsk remain unchanged every time I boot Windows under bootcamp after using Mac OS. If I reboot Windows many many times without using Mac OS, the error never occur.

It must be Mac OSX Snow Leopard that is the culprit. Can any friend give me solution of how to solve this problem?

When I try booting Windows in Parallels the boot is OK