Problems logging into CNET

by Jim2497 - 8/16/13 5:22 PM

I am a new member and have tried to log in a number of times. Each time I get a message saying "The email address and password you entered do not match our records", even though the details I entered were correct each time. I have had my password re- set twice, and the only time I've been able to connect is immediately after this has been done (ie from my inbox). I notice that there have been 163 postings on this subject in the last 30 days alone. I thought this site (in particular the Forum site of which I am interested in) was there to help people with their IT problems and frustrations not to create new ones for them ! Also it doesn't seem a very good advertisement for a site of this type. Hoping you can help. I am connected to the Internet by an iPad 2 via Virgin Media.