Resolved question

Some java sites say my cookies are disabled. They are not.

by JoeEDangerously - 5/21/13 8:50 PM

So here's the deal. Windows recently downloaded a security update. It caused Flash and Java to stop working. I got both plug-ins functioning again but now some Java games in Safari display an error message that says I'm not accepting cookies. This only happens with Safari. IE is fine. I prefer to use Safari though so I'd like to correct the problem. I loosened security settings, uninstalled and re-installed Java, (a recent version that is compatible with Safari) and ran the test applets, all of which confirm Java is indeed running. But when I try to play Java-based games in Safari I get the same error message. I assure you my cookies are enabled. I've tried all the "answers" I've been able to find online and nothing is working. Does anyone have any ideas?