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Computer has slowed to a crawl?

by DMVance - 3/22/13 1:16 PM

So I yesterday my computer slowed down all of a sudden. I was opening a new window and it was like watching a slide show with how slow it went. I rebooted and I took 15 minuets (normally 2 min). I ran the HP diagnostic tool and everything passed but took it 5 hours to complete. The memory part took most of that time but said it passed. I haven't changed added anything for about 2 weeks.

HP elite 7000 MT
Intell I5
3 gb DDR 3 ram
Upgraded power supply to cool master 500 (year ago)
Upgraded to ati hd radion 5770 at same time
Orig HD 160 gb but added a new HD 2 weeks ago (seagate 1tb) cloned original drive kept both